Employer Services

The Managed Care Center, Inc.'s employee assistance program is designed to serve individuals and organizations. The program’s goals are to:

  • Help employees resolve personal problems which may interfere with job performance and/or job stability.
  • Help organizations retain valued employees, improve employee productivity and promote healthier lifestyles.
  • Reduce healthcare costs by providing an integrated system of employee assistance, managed care and benefits coordination which can help meet corporate objectives while assuring quality care.
  • Services Include

  • Screening/Assessment - Employees and family members have personal and confidential access to professional counselors for a thorough evaluation of the nature and extent of the problem. Appropriate assessment is vital and affects all aspects of further care. Counselors are trained in identifying and addressing substance abuse and mental health issues.
  • Intervention - Covered employees and family members are encouraged to contact the program for early intervention, or may be referred by a supervisor if personal problems begin to affect work performance. Intervention includes emergency access to counselors for crises, trauma situations, substance abuse and psychiatric emergencies should they arise. On-site consultations are available to supervisors faced with crisis situations in the workplace.
  • Counseling - Individual and group counseling are provided by licensed professional counselors and licensed chemical dependency counselors. Services are tailored to meet the needs of the individual and family situations and the identified problems. Counselors address concerns including family problems, marital difficulties, substance abuse issues, financial and legal concerns, emotional and psychological concerns.
  • Training, Consultation and Workshops - Individuals and organizations benefit from a program which focuses on education and prevention as well as counseling. These services are a vital part of the employee assistance program and address such issues as stress management, conflict resolution, grief and loss. Supervisors and management receive training on identifying and referring troubled employees.
  • Benefit Coordination/Managed Care - Employee assistance programs have provided some form of managed behavioral healthcare since their inception in the 1950’s. Our program offers several components which compliment a company's existing benefits package. Included are pre-certification for mental/nervous, substance abuse services, continued stay or utilization review, access to network providers and continued follow-up/case management services. The benefits coordination components are flexible enough to integrate into an organization’s existing benefit plan without alienating employees by eliminating choices.
  • Community Relations - Your employee assistance program is the consultant to your company’s healthcare issues. Our program provides extensive behavioral healthcare services as well as an avenue for accessing community resources when necessary. By developing and promoting needed services in our community, we seek to help develop a behavioral healthcare system by identifying and supporting quality providers who share our professional commitment to clients and companies. When we take care of the client, we serve all parties involved.