Youth Prevention Programs: All Stars Program

The All Stars program is an abstinence-based prevention curriculum designed to reduce the prevalence of substance use and abuse and other high-risk behaviors. Trained and qualified prevention staff from Managed Care Center, Inc. facilitate the program on school campuses during the regular school day. Sixth and seventh grade students participate in weekly sessions over the course of a semester. The students have an opportunity to examine their beliefs about high-risk behaviors in a non-threatening environment. Through participation in structured activities, the students have the opportunity to realize that the majority of their peers believe high-risk behaviors are inappropriate and interfere with their desired lifestyles. Students are encouraged to make personal commitments to abstain from high-risk behaviors.

Program Goals

  • To educate youth to enhance resistance skills and prevent experimentation, abuse, or regular use of alcohol, tobacco, inhalants, and other harmful substances.
  • To educate youth to prevent involvement with violence, destruction of property, and other high-risk behaviors.
  • To educate youth that abstinence is an acceptable behavior among their peers.
  • Program Objectives

  • To provide students an opportunity to examine and develop accurate perceptions about peer norms regarding substance use and abuse, violence, and other high-risk behaviors.
  • To increase students’ beliefs that substance use and abuse, violence and other high-risk behaviors interfere with their preferred lifestyles.
  • To increase students’ personal commitments to avoid the use of drugs and abstain from other high-risk behaviors.
  • To increase the degree to which students are socially bonded to positive friendship groups and social institutions.