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Vicodin Addiction Treatment

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Vicodin Addiction & Abuse Treatment Center in Atlanta Lakeview Behavioral Health is the trusted provider of Vicodin addiction treatment for adults and adolescents in Norcross, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. Learn About Vicodin Addiction Treatment Learn more about Vicodin addiction treatment at Lakeview Behavioral Health Hospital in Atlanta, GA Vicodin, a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen, is a powerful narcotic that is often used for pain relief.

Because Vicodin is a medication that is habit-forming, it can be easy for a person to become trapped in a vicious cycle of substance abuse. The withdrawal that occurs when a person stops using this painkiller is also a factor that can keep an individual entrenched in an addiction to Vicodin. What is important for those addicted to Vicodin to know, however, is that there is hope.

Vicodin addiction treatment center

Once you have been detoxed you will then be ready to transition to our Vicodin addiction treatment center. Your plan of care at our hospital will center on the 12-step model of addiction. Medication is often used in addiction treatment, most commonly during detox to help ease withdrawal symptoms.

Also, the illicit use of Vicodin may expose an individual to criminal charges, arrest, and incarceration. In the absence of effective professional intervention, chronic Vicodin abuse can have a destructive effect on virtually all aspects of a person’s existence. However, when individuals choose to engage in treatment and rehab at Vicodin addiction treatment centers to overcome their addiction to this substance, these ramifications can be avoided.

Group therapy sessions

This type of therapy will empower you to make the necessary changes in your life. The ability to change your life ultimately lies in your hands. In addition to individual therapy you will also participate in a number of group therapy sessions . We offer many different process and psycho-educational groups, the ones you attend will be decided upon in your treatment plan.

Is Vicodin psychologically addictive?

Like all opioid painkillers, Vicodin has an addictive component to which some patients have developed tolerance. Vicodin can increase a person’s blood pressure and increase their risk of death. Sept 8 20202.

Treatment Center in California Vicodin, a prescription pain medication that is comprised of acetaminophen and hydrocodone, is a painkiller that is frequently abused. When prescribed by a doctor to treat moderate to severe pain, this medication poses many benefits for those who need it. However, when an individual takes this painkiller outside of the recommendations set forth by one’s doctor and abuses it in order to achieve mind-altering effects, an addiction can quickly form.

We understand this which is why we help you learn better coping mechanisms to deal with your issues by building off of the strengths you already possess. Types of Treatment Types of Vicodin addiction treatment offered at Lakeview Behavioral Health Hospital in Atlanta, GA Our hospital near Atlanta, Georgia provides many forms treatments that we use to help you get clean and stay clean.

Intensive outpatient program

We want to make sure you comfortably transition to the next step in your journey. Some options for the next step in recovery may include a long-term treatment center, an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) or a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). Your next step will be determined by the level of care needed when you leave inpatient treatment.

Process groups are used to allow you to discuss certain topics like Vicodin addiction while at the same time connecting with others. Psycho-educational groups are meant to educate you about topics such as medication management. Finally, family therapy is considered a big part of the healing process here at our addiction treatment center near Atlanta, Georgia. Since addiction tends to have an effect on everyone that is around it we believe that it is important to bring family into the healing process.

Does Vicodin affect dopamine levels?

Heroin and prescription opioid drugs are bound by opioid receptors, and are used by patients. 13 Sept 2023.

Family therapy : If a client chooses to incorporate his or her family members into the treatment experience, marriage and family therapist interns or trainees are available to conduct family therapy sessions on a weekly basis. Depending upon the specific needs of the client and his or her family members, additional family sessions may be held via teleconference during the client’s individual therapy sessions.