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Aetna Drug Rehab Coverage

Unlike most insurance companies, Aetna provides free coverage with no copays or high-deductibles. Aetna provides a range of health care plans that are managed locally by a national network of providers for patients in their communities. Our hospital frequently provides services to people in Schaller Anderson, Aetna, Better Health New York and Cleveland. The American Addiction Centers is committed to providing you with updated data about the coverage of all of the major carriers in addiction coverage. However, some policies may change and errors do exist. Please contact your insurance agent for details of coverage and limits.

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Aetna health insurance

Does Aetna Cover Addiction Treatment? You may be wondering “does Aetna cover addiction treatment?” The short answer is yes, your Aetna health insurance plan covers substance abuse rehabilitation. Aetna will cover at least some of your addiction recovery treatment. Based on the plan you have, your treatment may be partially or fully covered.

Aetna Insurance For Addiction Treatment

Many insurance policies cover substance use treatment but do not consider an individual as a whole. Recognizing that addiction is not the same, Aetna is able to help individuals with specific needs to find the correct treatment. Click here for rehab centers that are approved under Aetna Insurance. Aetna covers treatment costs. Contact me today for insurance verification.

When you receive treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction, you may need to obtain additional help for other mental health conditions. You may wonder, then, whether Aetna covers mental health disorders. The great news is that it does. Aetna understands that mental wellness is foundational for physical wellness.

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Rehabs Accepting Aetna Insurance

American Addiction Centers (AC) owns several locations nationwide that provide addiction treatment services for people with mental health needs. View all facilities. We are committed to your recovery. If you spent and completed ninety days at an American substance addiction center, we believe your investment provides the strongest base upon which you are able to achieve the best possible sobriety and recovery.

. One thing to remember is that your insurance company wants you healthy. Being addicted to drugs or alcohol only costs them more in medical care, in the long run. When you gain sobriety, you suffer fewer contagious illnesses like colds and the flu. You also decrease your chances of major diseases and death.

Outpatient rehab

Various costs associated with rehab services are compiled below. Outpatient Rehab Services And Costs Certain Aetna policies may not have an option for any outpatient services or may involve a fixed coinsurance percentage. Several other plans have a set copay per visit.

Aetna Behavioral Health Services

aetna coverage for substance abuse

Aetna provides mental wellness and rehabilitation services as well as other services. Many services must be authorized beforehand to use them. For pre-approval, contact the Aetna Member Service or Behavioral Health. They’re available online via their behavioral health provider search service. Typically, preauthorization is not mandatory in behavioral therapy. Typically, a doctor referral is needed to get coverage. This will depend on your particular policy and certain sponsors require prior authorization for any services provided.

The Hope House has partnered with Aetna to help clients offset the cost of treatment while also receiving personalized treatment plans and care from masters-level clinicians. In 2017, Aetna was one of 16 health insurance providers to implement the National Principles of Care for Substance Abuse Treatment.

Aetna Drug & Alcohol Coverage

Most drug abuse disorders are preventable due to their cost. Individuals and friends fear that inpatient and detoxification care may cost too much to pay for. The costs of sober life are far lesser over longer-term than addiction. Insurance may help pay for these costs as well; some may even fully cover. Do insurances for drugs cover addiction? What about the coverage you receive from insurance for medical care? It is possible to wonder if insurance covers this. Perhaps your insurer doesn’t even cover rehab costs. Insurance companies differ from one another.

He is an author and a leader in the field of drug and alcohol addiction. His main focus is threefold: education, prevention and rehabilitation. To this day, he still strives to be at the forefront of technology in order to help more and more people.

Copay-only plans will guarantee that your costs after paying your deductible are only copays, with primary care physician visits and generic drugs covered before you hit your deductible. High-deductible plans offer preventative care services before the deductible is met, sometimes coverage through a primary care physician before the deductible is met (with copay), and the option of a health savings account.

Tell me the length of substance abuse treatment covered by Aetna?

Is there a better treatment for alcohol and drug abuse than Aetna insurance coverage? Aetna offers its users 24-hour support, and can get them to the right doctors or rehabilitation centers quickly. All your messages and communications are kept private, so the company can handle everything discreetly for you. It calls for private therapy and a 12-Step program for treating prescription opioid abuse. The duration for a stay will depend on Aetna’s coverage. Whatever the duration of time it will be a safe and secure experience.

You can search by location and filter by Aetna insurance. Different Types of Aetna Substance Abuse Treatment With most Aetna insurance plans covering at least some of the costs of recovery treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, the types of treatment can vary in intensity and frequency.

With Aetna insurance, individuals may be covered for the following substance abuse treatments: Detoxification Inpatient rehabilitation Residential rehabilitation Partial hospital treatment Intensive outpatient treatment Continuing care programs Break free from addiction. You have options.


Does Aetna cover drug rehabilitation centers?

In some countries, it can be very expensive for someone to pay a hospital trip for their treatment. Some individuals are unaware that insurance can provide for psychological and behavioral wellness. But the insurers know psychological and behavioral fitness as important factors in physical health. Can insurance help with drug rehab? I’m guessing Aetna offers drug rehabilitation insurance too. Aetna works to treat opioid and alcohol addictions. How much does Aetna cover varies widely depending on your particular plan.

These principles state that Aetna strives to work with treatment centers that: offer personalized diagnosis and treatment, provide access to FDA-approved medications, and employ trained and accredited behavioral health professionals.

The road to alcohol addiction treatment is not always the same as drug treatment. It may take a while before you or your loved one realize that alcohol has crossed over into becoming a real problem. You may even wonder if your drinking is enough of a reason to be covered by insurance.

What rehab centers are covered by Aetna?

The America Addiction Centers (AAC) provides rehab centers throughout the USA to treat drug addictions. AACs accepting Aetna’s drug rehab program will provide services based on their insurance coverage. Many rehab centers offer specialized rehab services to people battling drug and alcohol addictions, so do not give up whichever program you try. I can find rehab near me where we can help with your needs. See the Directory for facilities and programs. It is possible to browse by location and filter by Aetna Insurance.

If you have Aetna health insurance and are searching for a drug and alcohol rehab treatment facility that is covered by your plan, American Addiction Centers (AAC) is here to help. Yes. Aetna covers drug and alcohol rehab. Check Your Coverage strives to provide you with the most updated information on each carrier’s addiction insurance coverage

Aetna Mental Health Services

Addiction is rare. In most situations addiction is used to cope with a mental condition. So to remain sober you have to deal with the causes of addiction. If your addiction to alcohol is treated, it is often necessary to seek further treatment. Maybe you wonder why Aetna covers mental illness? It’s a huge success. Aetna recognizes the importance of mental health in relation to health. The organization considers the psychological aspects of mental well being more important than physical checkups.

Aetna Behavioral Health Services In addition to mental health services, Aetna covers a range of behavioral health and rehab treatment programs. Pre-authorization is required for many of the services included. To get the pre-authorization for coverage, contact Aetna Member Services or their Behavioral Health line.

Does Aetna insurance cover drug or alcohol rehab?

Aetna rehab coverage is dependent on the individual etna plan and the treatment providers the patient chooses. Some rehabilitation centers offer insurance from Aetna, such as American addiction centers. AAC has partnered with Etna Insurance to provide different levels of support for people who are experiencing drug abuse or addiction. We also have partnerships with many insurance companies including Aetna so your addiction treatment could be included if required according to your policy.

Your particular needs, such as whether you require inpatient or outpatient services and the length of your stay, will affect the price of your treatment and how much Aetna will cover. The road to alcohol addiction treatment is not always the same as drug treatment.

What is the percent of success in rehab?

About 93 % of those with successful addiction rehabilitation reported being still abstinent from drugs within nine months of their admission to treatment. Nearly 80 % of people report improved health or happiness as part of drug rehabilitation programs.

What is the average length of rehab?

The duration of rehabilitation depends upon everyone. Addiction treatment usually takes about thirty days, although other programs can last up to 90 days. If your addictions get worse, then it is usually just a few days.

After complete detoxifications or rehabilitations, inpatient patients can return to normal activities. Including job, family, friends, hobbies. The circle can cause craving and temptation. Generally a relapse occurs within six to seven days following treatment.